Lenses (AF)

Note: All auto focus AF lenses do work with any AF body and they are all of the early »full metal« type. I grouped my gear in purely subjective clusters which means that I paired the youngest body with the fixed focal lenses and the two older ones with the zoom lenses. All lenses will work with current SONY A-mount SLT cameras also!

These lenses are listed with the Dynax 600si Classic body:

AF 2,8 / 135 mm:

AF 1,4 / 50 mm:

AF 2,0 / 35 mm:

AF 2,8 / 24 mm:

AF 2,8 / 20 mm:

These lenses are listed with the Dynax 7000i body:

AF Zoom 4,5-5,6 / 75-300 mm:

AF Zoom 3,5-4,5 / 28-85 mm:

This lens is listed with the 9000 AF body:

AF Zoom 4,0-4,5 / 28-135 mm:

All lenses are complete, i.e. with their original lens caps (front/rear) and lens hoods (built in or separate).

Matching cameras:
See page Bodies (AF)

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