9000 AF


Note: The 9000 AF was designated α-9000 in Japan and sold as Maxxum 9000 AF in North America.

Like most (if not all) 9000 AF cameras, mine suffers from LC display bleeding in the little status display inside the mode selector wheel. However, it is still fully operational and completely readable.

The AF 1,4 / 50 mm lens shown in the first picture is listed with the Dynax 600si Classic. It was used for demonstrational purposes here to prevent the 9000 AF from tipping over on my table (which would have occurred if the large and heavy AF 4,0-4,5 / 28-135 mm had been attached).

Item list:

SLR BodyMinolta 9000 AFS/N 16102316; [1] [2] [3] [M]
Data BackMinolta Program Back Super 90[M]
Motor DriveMinolta Motor Drive MD-90
S/N 52106419; [M]
Energy PackMinolta Battery Pack BP-90M[M]
LensMinolta AF 4,0-4,5 / 28-135 mmfirst version (all metal); [4] [5] [M]

[1] with original Minolta body cap
[2] with original Minolta rubber viewfinder eyecup
[3] with original Minolta neck strap and fittings (not shown)
[4] with original Minolta front and rear lens caps (not shown)
[5] with original Minolta lens shade
[M] with original user’s manual (German edition, not shown)

Matching lenses:
See page Lenses (AF)

Further reading:
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