9000 AF


Note: The 9000 AF was des­ig­nated α‑9000 in Ja­pan and sold as Maxxum 9000 AF in North Amer­ica.

Like most (if not all) 9000 AF cam­er­as, mine suf­fers from LC dis­play bleed­ing in the little status dis­play in­side the mode se­lect­or wheel. How­ever, it is still fully op­er­a­tion­al and com­pletely read­able.

The AF 1,4 / 50 mm lens shown in the first pic­ture is lis­ted with the Dyn­ax 600si Clas­sic. It was used for demon­stra­tion­al pur­poses here to pre­vent the 9000 AF from tip­ping over on my table (which would have oc­curred if the large and heavy AF 4,0–4,5 / 28–135 mm had been at­tached).

Item list:

SLR BodyMin­olta 9000 AFS/N 16102316; [1] [2] [3] [M]
Data BackMin­olta Pro­gram Back Su­per 90[M]
Mo­tor DriveMin­olta Mo­tor Drive MD-90
S/N 52106419; [M]
En­ergy PackMin­olta Bat­tery Pack BP-90M[M]
LensMin­olta AF 4,0–4,5 / 28–135 mmfirst ver­sion (all met­al); [4] [5] [M]

[1] with ori­gin­al Min­olta body cap
[2] with ori­gin­al Min­olta rub­ber view­find­er eye­cup
[3] with ori­gin­al Min­olta neck strap and fit­tings (not shown)
[4] with ori­gin­al Min­olta front and rear lens caps (not shown)
[5] with ori­gin­al Min­olta lens shade
[M] with ori­gin­al user’s manu­al (Ger­man edi­tion, not shown)

Match­ing lenses:
See page Lenses (AF)

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